5 Agile Tips / Techniques

fig.1 User Story
fig.2 Job Story
  • If you had to guess each crash monetary cost, what would it be?
  • And the effort spent on finding, fixing and testing bugs?
  • What about the client behaviour getting the app crashing on their face?
  1. We are going to work in pairs (1 QA & 1 Dev or 1 UX & 1 stakeholder, etc).
  2. Each team will get points/scores for each crash, bug and minors they find.
  3. The winner takes the trophy. (Motivation)
fig.3 Good, Bad, Ugly
  • by Workflow,
  • by Business rules,
  • by Major Effort,
  • by Complexity,
  • by Data,
  • by Entry Methods,
  • by Platform, Generic/Custom,
  • by User, Spikes.
  1. Previous Sprint Goals.
  2. Previous Sprint Retrospective (Keep/Stop/Start doing or Good, Bad & Ugly).
  3. Sprint Retrospective (Actual — same method)

Engineering | Agile | Climbing | Travelling

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Nicolas Quartieri

Nicolas Quartieri

Engineering | Agile | Climbing | Travelling

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